Budget 72 Hour Survival Kit in a Can Review — $19.95

My review of the Survival Kit In A Can by Omega Survival Supply
To purchase: http://bit.ly/1DArmAq
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The following is an excerpt from http://www.omegasurvivalsupply.com

“Our kit, assembled right here in southern Ohio, is sealed air and water-tight in a “hearty soup” style can. Weighing in at a hefty 1.2 pounds, we are confident you’ll have all the basics for 72 hours, or longer.

The contents of the kit follow:

1,000 calories in emergency food bars — they’re quite good…similar to a dry Christmas cookie.

14-function swiss style camp knife including signal mirror, LED flashlight, scissors, 2.5″ blade, 1.5″ blade, leather punch, can opener, bottle opener, small and medium flat head screwdrivers, button compass, leather threader, corkscrew, file, mini phillips driver/pick.

3 potable water tablets for making 3 safe-to-drink quarts of water for hydration.

1 emergency blanket for applying to a hypothermic person, or to keep yourself from becoming wet or cold.

3 storm-proof, ultimate matches. 3 standard, water-proof matches. Strike paper. 4 fire starting cubes.

3 bandaids, 1 anti-biotic ointment, 2 sterile “pop-up” hand towels, 1 tampon (for normal or multi-use).

1 survival fishing kit with bobber, 7 hooks, 30′ of 8 lbs. test line, 4 artificial lures, 4 sinkers.

1 plastic lid, 1 aluminum can/cup.

It’s a real kit with actual, useable contents designed to keep you alive for 72 hours minimum with the potential to keep you alive, warm, fed and useful for a week or longer depending on your level of expertise.”


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