Prepare for Economic Collapse (2019)

Are you prepare for an economic collapse in 2019? We may see a market crash and a financial crisis very soon in the US! There are things you can do now to prepare your finances for such an emergency.

1. Get a side hustle and start bringing in the second stream of income. This will help build your nest egg and prepare you in case you lose your job.
2. Cash is king. Have small bills stored in your home in case of an emergency. If there is a month-long power outage in your town, the gas pumps might still but the credit cards machines and ATM’s may not.
3. Invest in Crypto Currencies. They are the future and not tied to the politics of any one government.
4. Diversify your stock portfolio in businesses do go bankrupt. I especially like index funds which invest in industries of businesses. They also allow you to invest in global markets.
5. Invest in dividend funds. They pay you a return quarterly for holding their stocks.
6. Don’t invest in physical gold and silver, it’s a waste of time.

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