The Canteen Survival Kit

I keep this rugged survival kit in my “Get Home” bag. It contains all of the “5 C’s of Survival”:

Cutting tool!
Cover from the elements!
Combustion [fire-starter]!
Container for water!

I slowly composed this survival kit one piece at a time after visiting my local military surplus store every week for several weeks [in addition to acquiring items from the links listed below]…

SOL Survival Blanket:

Mk5 Knife:

Paracord Survival Grenade:

Magnesium Fire Starter:

1 Liter Stand Up Water Bags:

Water Purification Tablets:

Military Canteen & Camo Bandana: Military surplus store

Bic Lighter: Picked it up at the cash register in Target

Lint: I keep a ziplock bag near my dryer so that I can collect free tinder 🙂

If you like survival kits, be sure to check out my Altoids Survival Kit:

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